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Awards – What Are Corporate Awards All About?

Awards could hold the key to the success of your business. The market is undeniably becoming more and more competitive. Whether you are a big corporation or a small local business, everybody is looking for that extra something – that boost to give them the edge on the competition. There are numerous corporate strategy handbooks out there. There are even more strategies online – recommended methods for improving profits and building your company in today’s global marketplace. But, the very best strategies are those that require minimum investment while yielding huge returns. Very few people consider corporate awards when it comes to these strategies, but they are a time tested method for overall improvement at a relatively insignificant cost.

The Benefits Of Corporate Awards To Your Company

Awards bring the immediate benefit of a significant boost to the morale of your employees. They can be really great for attracting quality talent in the first place, but they are as equally important for retaining new hires. Aside from these benefits, corporate awards are a successful strategy in retaining long term talent. Good employees look at many things when choosing an employer. They look at the work environment and potential job satisfaction, and obviously at salary. But, employees also respond to the positive reinforcement that awards schemes offer. Awards tap into a very human instinct for recognition, and for very little financial investment, you can make a huge difference to the way employees think about you, their employer. Corporate trophies and awards are also fantastic at reinforcing corporate direction. It is always a smart idea to plan corporate awards strategies with corporate directions in mind. If you are working towards energy efficiency goals or towards ethical behaviour in the work place, a solid awards scheme can make a huge difference in making these goals a reality. The other benefit to giving awards is the free publicity it generates for your company. Aside from fostering a fantastic competitive atmosphere, the awards system itself will help spread brand recognition.

Considering The Long Service Award

It is obvious that corporate awards are a fantastic way to improve the image of your company, foster a competitive environment and much else. But, which schemes do you buy into, and to whom do you give which award? The long service award is a great example. This simple award serves the worthy purpose of rewarding long term employees of your company with recognition from their employer. The recognition of valued employees is one of the best ways to retain talent, but it will also serve as encouragement to newer hires to stay on. It is important to show more junior employees the benefits of long term loyal employment. Loyalty awards are a time tested method to supplement cash incentives at a relatively insignificant cost to the company. You might want to stagger the awards system into stages, so that employees are rewarded at each step along their journey of employment. There is a reason computer games are so addictive – the human mind craves the release of endorphins that accompany reward and recognition. These rewards can be purely symbolic, and need not have any actual inherent value. In rewarding loyal employees, you are doing two things: you are promoting a positive image of your company’s administration and executive; and you are tapping into a basic human instinct for reward in order to ensure continuing loyalty.

Choosing The Right Award – Which Award Is Best For A Long Service Award?

Once you have assessed the benefits of awards schemes and have decided which scheme is best for you, such as the long service award, then you have to consider which award is right for your scheme. There are a surprising variety of awards on the market and the right award for your scheme can depend on a variety of things. There are a number of materials which awards are commonly made of for a start. Acrylic awards are a common starting point, these can be coloured acrylic awards, or they can utilise acrylic encapsulation to give an effective 3D appearance. These awards are eye-catching and innovative and might be better if you desire a more modern feel. More traditional plaques are another common form of award, which many employers choose to give out a long service award plaque to their loyal employees. These awards themselves come in a range of materials, from glass to brass fronted plaques with a wooden finish. Glass and crystal awards are very popular. Something like a stunning, clear optical crystal obelisk would be perfect for an employee who has achieved a particularly valuable and long period of service. But, you can also find glass awards on the lower end of the price spectrum. Shaped paperweights are a popular option for lesser, but still significant achievements.

How To Choose The Best Quality Corporate Awards

Once you have decided on the type, material and style of your award, you need to decide on where to make the actual purchase. There are a lot of companies on the market offering corporate awards, so making that choice can be confusing. But, there are a few things you can bear in mind to help you make that choice. Firstly, it is easy to look good on a website, but photographs can be misleading. Look at the quality of the material and what the award is made of in the first place. The reality is such that a cheaper acrylic award simply won’t have the convincing quality of a slightly more expensive crystal award. When looking at crystal for your corporate awards, make sure there is a reasonable thickness to the crystal, so that it has a satisfying, weighty feel when your employee takes it home. Engraving is often essential – there is no point buying an expensive award if it doesn’t have that personal touch. When you are looking at custom corporate awards, make sure you choose a service that has impeccable customer service and can deliver to your exact specifications. But, even bearing in mind all this, it can be hard to make a choice, and if you are still struggling, EC Awards is always a safe bet for buying quality corporate awards.

Getting The Best Awards At EC Awards

If you are on the search for top quality awards, you can find a full range of the best awards available at EC Awards. We have a range to satisfy all budgets and styles, from acrylic and glass, to commemorative plaques. We use the very best quality materials in a highly skilled process. Our customers are important to us and we make sure to attend to their specific requests at all times. Email or phone 020 8722 0253 if you have any questions, and check out our website at to take a look at our great range of corporate awards.