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Corporate Award - One Way To Improve Employee Retention

A lot is written about the importance of customer retention, but this doesn’t mean you should overlook the importance of retaining valuable staff. After all, it is these individuals who know your customers the best. Offering a physical corporate award, they can display at home or in the office is just one way to improve your employee retention rate.

Offering corporate awards such as crystal stars, or mounted glass ticks for achieving goals and putting in extra effort, is just as important in retaining staff as work – life balance. Everyone needs quality free time, so ensure that your employees are not overworked, or expected to carry out tasks in their own free time. Making work schedules flexible where possible is a great way to let individuals maximise both their work and free time to fit around their own individual needs. Awards, trophies and plaques that are specific to achievements such as improving sales, increasing customer reach, or even finding ways to streamline expenditure have a very important place in ensuring work is both rewarded and rewarding. Being presented with a personalised printed acrylic star award that states your name and achievement within the company acts as a great incentive for the individual receiving it and those that witness the presentation. These types of awards also encourage career development, which in turn encourages employee retention. Offer training and promotion opportunities wherever possible and reward these moves with plaques, or small desktop awards. While it may seem like an additional expense to the company, and you too will benefit as the employer, as well as the employee, in the long run.

Develop a positive work ethic that encourages your team to stay by incorporating a corporate award into your overall rewards and recognition strategy. Visit EC Awards at and choose between trophies, plaques and a host of other awards. Speak to the customer service team about our custom options at