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Corporate Awards And Plaques - Banishing Negativity In The Workplace

No one likes working in a negative environment. Negativity affects every aspect of the working day, from stagnating ideas to sapping motivation to get tasks done. One way to help rid a workplace of such negativity is through positive reinforcement, trophies and awards. Corporate awards and plaques can play a large role in this approach.

It only takes one person to change the emotional environment of a workplace for good or bad. One employee winning a styled glass award for making a positive contribution improves the entire atmosphere. However, the boss or the manager entering in a bad mood also trickles through the whole workplace. While everyone is entitled to a bad day, and there are good reasons for these moods on occasion, it cannot become the norm in the workplace. One of the key ways to reverse a negative environment is to fix problems as they occur, rather than storing up negative feedback. Once a problem has been dealt with, it is just as important to praise the efforts of the employee as they try to rectify the issue. You don’t need to see major results to do this, just an improved effort is enough for a small acrylic plaque that acknowledges the change of direction. Another way to approach a negative environment is to give your team something to work towards. This could be a reward, either for the whole team or individuals within the team, or both. Crystal or glass corporate awards or plaques are ideal as they can be personalised for each achievement or area of increased effort.

If you are looking to motivate your team, view the crystal awards and gifts available through EC Awards, Our corporate awards and plaques are available in crystal, glass and acrylic and you can custom-design your logo and message on the piece you choose. Our customer service team are always here to help so send us an email message to