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Corporate Awards And Trophies - Why Recognition Is Important

Keeping your employees motivated, your clients happy and your suppliers on board can seem like a mammoth and never ending task. But there are a number of ways you can make your job easier, and one of them is to ensure you are showing recognition for their efforts. Try using corporate awards and trophies to achieve this.

Everyone likes to feel appreciated for their efforts, not just in the big things, but also in the seemingly inconsequential things. Everyone may pat the top salesperson on the back; but what about the person who keeps the office clean? A small smoked glass engraved mounted circle award, presented along with those for the sales team, is all it takes to show that you recognise their importance to your business. Then there is the supplier who took a cut in profits themselves to see you through the recession, or the client who sticks with you because your customer service team puts that extra bit of effort into your business. A wall plaque, with an engraved acknowledgement, will increase the chances of them taking the same action again. None of this is done specifically for the recognition, or for crystal awards, but a little gratitude goes a long way. Recognising and celebrating effort as well as achievement is crucial to motivation. This in turn is central to your business’ ability to survive and thrive. After all, where would you be without the people who know your business the best? A simple well done or a thank you is enough to keep most people going. But for those who really go that extra mile, engraved corporate awards let them know that their effort has been noticed and appreciated.

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