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Corporate Awards Trophies - Stand Out From Other Companies

It is more important than ever before to be able to stand out in the business world. If you don’t offer something that other companies do not, you will find it increasingly difficult to keep staff, hire new team members and make new connections with potential partners. One way to achieve this is with corporate awards trophies.

Why will corporate awards make you stand out? Well, the simple answer is that these awards and trophies show you care. Offering this very visual type of incentive shows that what your team, your clients and your suppliers do really matters to you. Awards can be used for a wide range of achievements, meaning that almost anyone connected to your company has a chance to receive a crystal trophy or an acrylic plaque commemorating them reaching a specific goal. Even more importantly, because they can be made for specific targets, you can introduce new ones as required. So if you have an employee whose sick record suddenly and dramatically improves, you could award them with a desk top trophy, for this achievement at your next company get-together or dinner. Similarly, if you have a supplier who has stood by you, particularly during difficult financial times, why not commemorate the relationship and show your appreciation for their ongoing support with a crystal or glass custom award? This type of recognition is available to everyone, from the office cleaner to your general manager. Team members can even choose to reverse roles and present trophies or plaques to team leaders, managers and even company owners. Awards are a simple yet effective way to stand out from the crowd and let the business world know that your team - all of your team - matters.

The wide range of corporate awards trophies available at EC Awards means that there is something for every occasion and every budget. If you don’t see the particular trophies or plaques that you want at then email our team at to discuss our bespoke options.