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Corporate Awards – What Benefits Can Awards Bring to your Business?

Companies and CEOs across the country, and across the world, are facing an ever increasingly competitive market in today’s global economy. This is true of big multinational companies, and smaller, more local companies. Gaining an edge on the competition truly counts in today’s market, and more companies are considering the virtue of corporate awards in gaining the upper hand. Awards of all kinds can be extremely important to companies’ overall strategic value, and count as a relatively marginal investment, one that can have a significantly large return. Has your company considered the importance of awards to your business yet?

The Strategic Value of Awards and Employee Recognition

You might have overlooked the strategic value of corporate awards as a relatively minor, and inconsequential aspect of your overall strategy. But you would be very wrong in doing so. Throughout all levels of your employee structure, corporate awards and trophies can help boost productivity, and increase returns dramatically, all for a miniscule cost. Larger companies might have already hit upon the idea of awarding employees as a valuable strategic tool, and if you haven’t you might be well behind the current trend. The primary reason for a well thought out awards system is the same reason your company might already have a fantastic package of employee benefits, including attractive salaries – to attract and retain valuable talent. Sure, highly skilled and talented employees will look at salary and work conditions first, but, do not underestimate the powerful effect of positive reinforcement. It is a simple question of human nature – people are attracted to reward schemes, and these do not have to be purely monetary. If you have ever received a corporate award yourself, you will understand the significant buzz of knowing that you are appreciated in the work place. A company’s success is primarily dependent upon hard working and skilled staff, and corporate awards are an easy way to attract valuable talent. They are also incredibly important for keeping said talent. For new hires, this can be a case of reinforcing their confidence; for long term employees, it can mean the world of difference in creating hard working and loyal employees.

Other Fantastic Reasons to Look at Corporate Awards Trophies

But, retaining valuable talent is by no means the only reason to give out corporate awards trophies and long service award, there are a few other, much overlooked reasons to consider. Companies rarely ever think about the fantastic advantages corporate awards give to boosting sales. Awards are an incredibly valuable sales tool. Corporate awards are an excellent motivator when it comes to helping employees close that ever important sale. Sales bonuses and commission are of course tried and tested staples of sales incentives, but custom corporate awards are a fantastic motivator; they help foster a healthy cultural of competition in the work place. While cash incentives are doubtless effective, a well thought out awards scheme is a much more cost effective solution that taps into a basic human impulse towards competition. Another overlooked benefit of corporate awards is the advantage it gives your company in public relations. A great awards scheme is essentially free publicity for your company, and it can be a great opportunity to promote a positive image and expand brand awareness, resulting in more business, and more connections. A fantastic awards ceremony will do wonders for employee morale, but it will also be an incredible PR coup for your business. A well-publicised awards scheme and ceremony can have an incredible effect on your company’s own image and recognition; but where is the best place to go for the awards themselves? EC Awards offers an exciting range of quality awards to help your company towards greater success.

Only the Best Corporate Awards at EC Awards

If you have become convinced of your company’s need to start an awards scheme, you’ll need a fantastic and reliable place to find quality awards. At EC Awards, you will find an exciting range of corporate awards, plaques, trophies, in a whole host of styles to suit your needs. These awards can be custom made to your specifications. We also offer a range of awards to suit any budget, with luxury crystal items and snazzy acrylic awards on offer. Email or you can call us on 020 8722 0253 for more information. Make sure to check out our website at to see what we have on offer.