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Corporate Plaques And Awards - Part Of Effective Management

Managing a team is about more than telling people what to do. In fact, if you approach management in this way, you are likely to be anything but successful. Here is a short guide to effective management that includes the important role played by corporate plaques and awards.

The first thing your team needs to know is what they are working towards in terms of goals and potential awards. As the manager, part of your role is to define these goals and use the positive reinforcement of, say, a wood effect wall plaque, or desk top glass award, to encourage everyone to work towards the same end. To do this, you also need to be able to offer clear explanations and create an atmosphere where staff are willing and able to ask questions. Another important aspect of management is to balance your need for results against recognising the amount of effort that has gone into the work. Not everyone will work at the same pace, or understand at the same level. If you know your team well, you will be able to tell when someone is working their hardest and whether they are achieving the same amount as others or not. If you want your team to always work to the best of their abilities and to be accountable for their actions, they need to know that they are appreciated. Custom awards such as crystal trophies, are a great way to achieve this; particularly because corporate awards such as acrylic plaques and glass trophies can be used to praise effort as well as outcomes.

EC Awards is a manager’s best friend. We can provide you with cost effective corporate plaques and awards that show your team you recognise and appreciate all of their hard work. You can even go for bespoke custom plaques or trophies for those special staff events. Visit today and find the recognition award that is right for you.