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Corporate Trophy Awards: Employee Of The Month

Recognising an employee’s efforts is most commonly achieved by choosing an employee of the month. But how should this be done to ensure that it is fair and that it motivates the rest of the team to try their best as well? Providing corporate trophy awards is just part of the answer.

Providing awards for those who are chosen as employee of the month is really the end of the process. The hard part is choosing the right individual in the first place. It is important that the process is seen as fair and open. Either the decision should be made by you and other managers, or through the whole team getting to vote. Just as important though, is making sure that the reasons behind the choice are clear. Corporate awards, such as glass trophies, or mounted desktop glass stars, can be given for a number of reasons from achieving the most sales, to the most improved time keeping. Whatever the reason, it must motivate both that individual and others to want to achieve their best all the time. If the awards are always given for the same reason, then it is likely that the same people will keep winning, and the effect will be the opposite of what you want to achieve. All of this is only possible if you as the manager or team leader have taken the time to get to know your team, and see how much effort they have put in during that particular month. To inject a note of humour, you could also invest in a unique custom made trophy for quirkier reasons, such as most improved accident record!

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