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Crystal Awards: Are They Superior To Others?

Crystal awards are perhaps the finest awards you can give out. Not only do they aesthetically look extremely elegant and stylish, but crystal is a harder material to work with than glass, which makes them just that little bit more precious. But, why opt for a plaque, trophy or award made from crystal or glass over a hard-wearing material, such as acrylic or wood? The answer is simply the luxury of a crystal or glass trophy. This post explores the differences between glass, acrylic and crystal in more detail and explains why, if you want the best quality awards, you should opt for the best possible supplier.

Acrylic or Crystal Glass Trophy: There’s Only One Option

If you’ve currently considering purchasing glass awards for employees, a business ceremony, school or sports club you will have seen both acrylic and crystal awards among your many options. Your search may have left you wondering what the difference between acrylic and crystal is. Interestingly, there are a whole myriad of differences between the two materials. From a distance, while they look extremely similar at a distance, once you look more closely the difference in the quality of the materials becomes obvious. Although light passes through both acrylic and crystal giving them a clean, clear appearance, the way the light interacts with the materials differs. Light shimmers through crystal, giving the award a unique multi-faceted appearance that adds to its beauty. Whenever it’s looked at, the small details of a well-crafted crystal piece are seen by the viewer, which makes a crystal award a perfect piece for on top of the mantelpiece, or in any room of the house where there’s a lot of light. Acrylic, in comparison, can look duller when on display as there is no shine, no light glistening from it as the light passes through. Another contrast is that acrylic, although difficult to break, is prone to scratches and surface imperfections. However, while delicate in some respects, crystal isn’t prone to scratches, chips or cracks, when it has been worked by an experienced professional. You may still be considering acrylic based on price alone, but that is not necessarily the best course of action. If you look online you can find a reputable crystal awards supplier who offers value for money on both crystal awards and crystal awards engraved to a high standard.

Finding Cheap Crystal Awards That Don’t Compromise On Quality

If you want luxurious crystal award plaques, but you’re worried about either spending too much, or not getting the right quality, then it is important to know what to look for. Firstly, make sure to register your purchase in advance and leave enough time for the items to be delivered to you. If you want something urgently then there is a good chance that the price will be higher, so be prepared and let the suppliers know your timeline. Not only is this method cost-effective, but it aids the company you are buying from as they can plan the order, including any engraving and the quality of the finished product will not be affected by them having to rush to complete your crystal awards order on time. Secondly, due to the hardiness of crystal, it takes significantly more time to physically cut and carve the material into your desired shape. With this in mind, less eccentric trophies, awards or plaques will be a good way to save a little cash. Additionally, as crystal is such a beautiful material anyway, why not let it shine naturally without it pointing and peaking in all directions? Sometimes, less really is more. Now that you know how to reduce the cost of your purchases, without compromising on the quality of cheap crystal awards, you need the right supplier. One of the best available is EC Awards, who have been creating bespoke awards for over forty years.

EC Awards Sell The Finest Crystal Awards

We’re one of the United Kingdom’s premier award suppliers, EC Awards. We first started by creating awards for big names such as Hovis and AutoCAD. Since moving online, we’ve been trading internationally and have a huge array of clients, from small local start-ups to large corporations in other countries. But no matter the business, we always strive to produce fantastic awards, including acrylic, crystal or glass trophy award styles. If you are looking to purchase crystal awards, why not check out our fabulous range online? Simply click on our homepage link at and see examples of our range.