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Employee Long Service Awards That Benefit Your Company Too

Employee long service awards are not just about rewarding the employee for their loyalty to the company. They are also about reaping the rewards that having long term, focused and loyal staff brings to your business. Read on to find out more about these awards.

Celebrating commitment to your business with crystal trophies or unique glass awards is about more than just the person who receives the award. Having the same staff over the long term means firstly that you have a wealth of experience at your fingertips. They will know your business, how it operates, who it works with, and most importantly how to retain its customers. Encouraging staff to stay is much easier when they feel appreciated; and an engraved plaque in the entrance hall to your office is a simple but effective way to show that yours is a company that cares. Trust is another important aspect that builds with a long-term team. It is not just about the trust that you have learned to have in them, and they in you; it is also about the confidence that clients and customers will have in the team. This trust is only likely to lead to increased business in the longer term. A low staff turnover and a long standing team also helps when it comes to recruiting the best calibre of new staff. They are able to see that talent and experience is rewarded. This is likely to encourage them to want to remain a member of the team and to earn their own long service award.

See the benefits for yourself with employee long service awards from EC Awards. Choose from a range of awards including wall plaques, to best suit your needs. Talk to our brilliant customer service team on 020 8722 0253 for advice on bespoke options and visit to place your order today.