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Engraved Glass Trophy – What Should You Engrave On Employee Trophies?

Engraved glass trophy may be something you are considering so that you can recognise your employees’ achievements. This is a great way to boost confidence in your workforce and create a happy work culture. It can also increase loyalty, job retention, and productivity levels. But, you need to choose the glass trophy with care to achieve this, and one area of consideration is what to engrave on the trophy. Firstly, less is well and truly more. Keep it simple. You aren’t going to have much space available, so you need to use it wisely.

When it comes to glass trophy engraving, it is important to include the person’s name. An element of personalisation is essential because it shows that the award is unique to the employee that has achieved it; it’s not just a general award you have had lying around that you could have given to anyone. Aside from this, you should think about incorporating the date, as this is a great way to commemorate the trophy. Also, include the accomplishment, for example ‘highest score’ or ‘employee of the month.’ It is also advisable to opt for a mix of lower and upper-case letters when engraving a trophy, as this makes it easier to read.

Finally, make sure you choose a company with care when looking for glass engraved trophies. The last thing you want is for them to make a hash of the engraving, so you have a stunning glass trophy, yet illegible writing. You can be sure that this will not be the case when you choose EC Awards. We are the number one choice for glass trophies UK wide. We have a huge assortment for you to choose from, ranging from star glass awards to crystal plaques. To see our product range in full detail, please head to We also take bespoke orders; no job is too big or small.