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Glass Awards UK Wide: Did You Know About The Trend?

Glass Awards UK wide are perhaps it’s a trend you haven’t heard about yet. In the modern world of work, it’s important for a company’s brand to be as caring and thoughtful as possible. Not only is it essential so that employees feel they’re working for a decent and progressive company, but it’s also important that others outside of the workplace notice it too. So if your company is holding an annual award ceremony, why not give out a custom glass trophy like the best companies in the United Kingdom are doing? After all, it’s crucial to get the right message across.

What’s Better Than A Custom-Made Glass Trophy?

No matter if you’re a CEO, manager, or you work in HR, putting on the annual work ceremony is a lot of work. There’s the intense planning involved – locating a venue, getting invites printed out, contacting food and drink vendors – and that’s without forgetting the importance of the awards themselves. It may be tempting to cut corners and instead buy something like flowers to present to the nominees. But unless you want to send out the wrong message to the rest of the company, don’t give in to cheap or unimaginative awards. Sure, flowers, a gift voucher, or perhaps even a modest ‘Thank You’ card, will certainly be the cheaper option, but it could reflect negatively on your company’s brand. Do you really want to show your company off as cheap or unthoughtful? In a world where even the smallest of start-ups treat their employees to perks such as free pizza lunches and weekend getaways, you’re going to have to really prove that you care for your employees. And that your company is just as caring and inherently thoughtful as all of the other progressive companies out there. So instead, why not consider purchasing custom glass awards and glass trophies UK that you can proudly present to the winners? Not only can you pick the shape of the glass award itself, there is also the chance to engrave it with your brand logo, slogan, and the name of the winner. Nothing says thoughtfulness like giving your hard workers unique, high quality, yet cheap glass awards.

How To Find Quality Glass Trophy Suppliers

Want to find the best glass trophy suppliers in the UK, but not sure how to? The first thing you should do is browse the web intently to find out what is available. Simply search “UK glass awards” and you will get a wide range of results. Don’t be tempted to buy from someone just because they are top of the results list however. Scrutinise their website to see if they take pride in their work. Check to see whether they create their own awards or buy in from another source. If they make their own check to see what kind of glass awards they create. Do they have a choice of hand cut crystal awards, acrylic glass awards, or glass vase awards that come in a variety of colours and sizes? After all, there is little point handing out standard glass awards UK based if there is nothing unique about them that makes your company stand out. Look for uniqueness and individuality. Ultimately, you want to buy an award that shows your company in a good light, that shows you are committed to your employees and well as your customers. Don’t forget to look at customer reviews of the company you are considering. This will tell you a great deal about their reliability and quality. One company that is certainly worth investigating further is EC Awards, a premier glass trophy suppliers from the United Kingdom, who’ve created bespoke glass corporate awards for small and large companies, both locally and internationally.

Purchase Your Glass Awards UK Now By Visiting EC Awards

Here at EC Awards, we’ve made it easier than ever for you to purchase custom-made glass awards UK wide for any occasion. We know how important it is for a company to give out quality plaques, awards and trophies, so we stock every kind imaginable. We even take bespoke requests if you’d like a glass trophy that is a little out of the ordinary. So, what are you waiting for? Visit our easy-to-use website at to browse our wares, and buy trophies directly from our online store. All it takes is a few simple clicks and you’ve got your hands on a beautiful, unique glass trophy.