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Glass Trophies UK: A Short History

Glass trophies UK wide have been popular presents to give out. No matter if it’s for a business ceremony, a tongue-in-cheek birthday present, a retirement gift or for another occasion, they’ve always made great gifts. But do you know how glass trophies are actually made? Or the fascinating and unique engraving process that puts specific designs on the glass itself? In this post, you’ll learn a short history of glass trophies and what makes them so great. If you haven’t been tempted to purchase a glass trophy for your employees, friends or loved ones, you certainly will be after reading.

Do You Know How A Glass Trophy Is Engraved?

There are many ways to engrave glass trophy awards. There’s diamond engraving, laser engraving, and acid etching. Sandblasting is the most commonly used way to engrave glass, and generally produces a far superior result. But how is a trophy actually engraved? Here’s what you need to know. The artwork – be it a brand logo or another small, bespoke design – is printed on high-quality film, then turned into a stencil using specialist light-sensitive material. It’s washed and then dried in a fan-heater. A guideline for the stencil is then marked on the glass’s surface. The stencil is very carefully positioned onto the glass itself, and then the sandblaster is used. It’s not actually sand per say – it’s pure white aluminium oxide grit – and it scratches the surface of the glass to imprint the glass. Afterwards, the glass has to be washed and dried (again!) then inspected to make sure that it’s of high quality. Due to the time taken, engraved glass is usually a little more expensive to produce than printed glass. But there is no doubt that engraved glass, via the sandblasting method, always has the highest quality finish. The combination of air and the aluminium oxide grit really makes the artwork as high quality as it can be. If you’re trying to decide whether to go for a printed design or a sandblaster design – go for the latter when you can. Paying that little bit extra is worth it, and especially on something as memorable and important as an engraved glass trophy.

Don’t Know Where To Buy A Custom Glass Trophy?

If you’ve never thought about purchasing a custom glass trophy or glass awards UK before, then actually buying some may seem like an intimidating idea. But it really isn’t that bad. The hardest thing you’ll have to do is find a reputable company who are capable of making high-quality and bespoke trophies for you. You used to find many of these stores on the high-street – and while you still find them occasionally throughout the United Kingdom today – searching online is easier and quicker, and gives you greater choice. You’ll also be able to find businesses that are capable of doing many interesting and innovative things with trophies, as well as a wider range of trophies to be engraved. To get started, simply type in keywords like “trophy makers in the UK” or “trophy sellers United Kingdom” into your chosen search engine. You will be met with a plethora of results. Before settling on one specific company, ensure that you research them fully. Look at their glass trophies UK wide, including the designs and the quality of their trophies and awards to see if it’s a fit with what you need. Don’t forget to check independent review sites to get the views of previous customers as well. One company that is sure to meet your needs in terms of choice and quality is EC Awards. They’ve been creating fantastic trophies since 1976, so they really know how to tailor trophies to your needs, including glass trophy engraving.

Buy Your Glass Trophies UK Today With EC Awards

We’re EC Awards. We’ve been in the trophy and award business for over forty years now, and we’ve created some of the most innovative and interesting glass trophies UK wide. In 2008, we decided to move from the high-street to the online world, which has only grown our business and what we’re able to offer. If you’re interested in buying your own glass trophy, for business or for pleasure, then get in contact today. Our website is located at, which has links and images to our entire range. If you want something a little different though, just get in contact. Nothing is too complicated for us here at EC Awards.