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Glass Trophy: Buy For Any Occasion

Glass trophy: isn’t this the best award to receive of them all? Of course it is. With its elegant and sophisticated appearance, there really is no competition. No matter whether you’re a headmaster looking to buy trophies for your excellent students, or a team-coach giving out awards at a sports ceremony for your team, say congratulations with style with a trophy made of glass. Forget about wood plaques, flowers, or small cheques. Give the winners something they will cherish forever; a gift that not only looks beautiful, but doesn’t break the bank either.

Glass Awards For School Ceremonies

Students who have put in hard work deserve recognition. Whether they’re GCSE students who have received excellent results, or A-Level students who have shown promise, award ceremonies are the perfect way to let them know they’re doing well. Yearly or even termly school ceremonies are happening all over the United Kingdom, if you are organising such a ceremony then instead of a piece of paper congratulating the students’ efforts, why not buy glass awards? Pieces of paper – no matter how embellished or fancy they are – often get misplaced. And if they’re not lost after a year or two, they are prone to tearing and disintegration due to their flimsiness. After all, paper is hardly the sturdiest of materials. Luckily, glass trophies and awards will not suffer from the same fate. Due to the robustness of glass, such trophies can remain in perfect condition for years to come. Additionally, they’re very easy to care for and hardly require any effort to keep pristine. Ultimately, a glass trophy is a long lasting memento that the students will look back on for years to come. They’ll also be able to keep the trophies on display in their halls of residence or post-university homes. So why think of purchasing any other kind of award or gift when glass award plaques can be bought so easily online?

Crystal Awards For Sporting Ceremonies

Sporting ceremonies are common occurrences all around the world, and especially so in the United Kingdom. But sporting ceremonies aren’t always the huge, grand events you see in the paper or on TV. Many smaller sports clubs put on such nights to congratulate their own players and boost team morale, giving out trophies to the best or most improved players of the season. And it’s not just football or rugby teams either. Tennis, cricket, snooker, and even fishing clubs have annual prize-giving evenings! In most of these cases though, the winners are awarded something small and low-cost, like flowers. But flowers are hardly an incentive to keep doing well – especially if they die after a week or two! If you’re in charge of a club, league, or other sporting group, perhaps think about what other awards you could present that are a little more permanent. Crystal awards, for example, can be kept in a cabinet or mantelpiece for decades, and serve a permanent reminder of the successes of the past. If you look online for reputable suppliers, you’ll also find cheap crystal awards which combine quality with low price meaning that everybody’s a winner!

Think About Buying Glass Trophies UK For Local Business Ceremonies

One of the most recent trends in the United Kingdom has been the promotion of local businesses. The government has taken the lead in helping local businesses to grow and get the recognition they deserve – but grassroots initiatives have also taken place to help further promote businesses in their area. You may have seen on banners and adverts in your area about local business prize-giving ceremonies. These have been set up to highlight the best of the best in that regional area, no matter what business sector the companies are active in. Whether they own a small brick-and-mortar shop, or are an online store selling local produce, these nights are extremely important. Not only for the towns or cities they’re based in, but also for the businesses themselves. Winning one of these awards is hugely gratifying, and business owners will be sure to tell everyone about their success – either by displaying their prize in their shop, or even making a blog post on their website. But in terms of being given a physical award, there’s nothing better than a glass trophy. Glass trophies UK wide are becoming increasingly popular as the gift of choice to be presented at these ceremonies, so if you’re in charge of a prize-giving, why opt for anything else? There’s a reason why so many glass trophy awards are being bought.

Glass Awards UK: Not As Expensive As You May Think

If you’ve been tempted to purchase a batch of trophy awards, then you may be a little concerned about the price. That’s completely understandable, seeing as the the word ‘trophy’ can sometimes be synonymous with expensive. Luckily for you and your bank card, this isn’t always the case. As with everything, you should be a little savvy to get the best deal, and ultimately you must shop around to find the right supplier for you. Thankfully though, choosing glass trophies doesn’t need to make a dent in your savings. It is possible to get quality at a reasonable price, and glass trophies are also a little cheaper than crystal trophies. It is in part due to crystal being a tougher material to work with, and often being a very labour-intensive experience for the producers. Glass is easier to work, but has the same high-quality finish. If you’re looking for a supplier who manufacture and create glass awards UK wide, then why not check out the work of a company like EC Awards? They’ve been in the business for many years, so they really know what they’re doing when it comes to awards. They make great cheap glass awards and crystal awards too, so you don’t have to worry about the cost.

Get Your Glass Trophy From EC Awards Now

Here at EC Awards, we’ve been creating beautiful and bespoke awards – for whatever the occasion – for over forty years. Due to our specialist techniques, we can also offer an engraving service on all of our trophies. On it, you can have the logo of your school, sports club, or whatever else you may desire. To have a look at the styles and designs we offer, simply head on over to our website at and find the one that is most suited to your needs. Alternatively, if you’d like to talk about a more tailored award or glass trophy, then drop us an email at We’d love to hear from you.