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Long Service Award Plaque Is Perfect For Displaying In The Office

Rewarding staff for their commitment to your company is about more than just making that one individual feel valued. If a long service award plaque is displayed correctly, it can be an ideal tool for encouraging the best from other staff as well. Read on to find out more.

When achievements are celebrated within a company, they are firstly a chance to congratulate the individual achiever for reaching a particular target or other milestone. Whether you choose, for example, a wood effect award plaque for sales, or long service at the company, being able to share the moment with others adds to its importance. It also shows others that the goal is achievable and that they too could reach that milestone, or even surpass it. But what happens after the long service award has been given out? Generally, everything returns to normal, and the day to day concerns of the business take over. The awards are taken home, most likely to never see the light of day again. However, if you choose to award engraved plaques instead, you can keep the motivation going for longer. The plaques can be awarded in the same way, but, instead of being taken home, or put in a cupboard and forgotten about, they can be displayed in the workplace. By placing them on a prominent wall, where they can be seen by clients, customers and employees alike, you can constantly rekindle each person’s desire to have their name added to the wall of achievers.

For a quality long service award plaque, look no further than EC Awards. We use only the finest quality materials to create our range of plaques and awards. Each can be personalised with your company logo, as well as a short message to the recipient. Email your details to or visit to see what we can offer you today.