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Long Term Service Awards - Why You Should Reward Loyalty

At the heart of your business are two interconnected elements: your employees and your customers. Both are essential to the financial health of your business and your long term success. But does it really matter whether your employees are there for the long-haul? Should you be rewarding loyalty with long term service awards?

The answer to both questions is quite simply yes. It takes time, effort and money to recruit and train a new employee. It then takes additional time for them to learn everything there is to know about your business, customers, suppliers and your competition. The more the staff member learns and understands, the greater asset they are to your company. Suddenly losing that wealth of experience, particularly to a competitor, could be devastating. Showing appreciation for this talent and the work they put in, whether with simple glass star awards, or more elaborate crystal engraved trophies, is an essential element in nurturing your staff. How you present the award, trophy or wall plaque could depend on a number of factors, including the person involved. After all, not everyone likes being the centre of attention. But for those who do, why not present a long service award at a staff get-together? You could organise a dinner, or present the award as the culmination of a ceremony to celebrate success in all areas of your business. All you need to do now is decide how long is long term service, what type of awards and trophies you will present, and find out if any of your employees fits the bill.

If you need long term service awards for your loyal staff members, then come to EC Awards. We have a range of awards to suit most budgets and are sure to have the right one for your occasion. If you’re not quite sure what you need, then give us a call on 020 8722 0253. You can also head to our website,, and browse through the available options.