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Long Time Service Award - How Long Is Long Time Service?

Offering a long time service award to staff that have shown commitment over a number of years to your company is a great way to show how much they are valued. But how long should someone be employed with you before you consider them as having fulfilled long term service?

It’s a difficult question, and everyone is likely to have their own opinion on what constitutes long enough service to be rewarded with a printed acrylic award or glass engraved trophy. In the UK, the age you can legally leave school is 16, and the state pension age currently stands at 65 for men (62 for women). This means that the average person has just under 50 years of working life. Of course, if you continue at school, or take further training, this amount of time reduces quite significantly. How does knowing this help? Well if you are considering offering a glass trophy as a long service award, it needs to firstly be achievable. There is little point in setting an unachievable goal as this will do little to motivate anyone. This is one reason why these types of awards are often incremental. Staff may be offered a certificate at the end of their first full year with the company, and then a small award or wood effect wall plaque after five years. The next milestone may be ten years’ service; at this point a larger glass desk top award may be offered, possibly with an in-house ceremony. New milestones may then be set for every ten years’ service after that, potentially with a more elaborate ceremony being offered each time.

While there may be no wrong or right answer to when a long time service award is given, there certainly is a right answer as to where the reward should come from. When you choose to use EC Awards, you know you are getting the best possible quality and service. See all the awards we can offer at