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Supplier Awards - Maintaining Strong Relationships

Your business does not operate in a vacuum; there are a range of other businesses without which you would not be able to succeed. If you manufacture, buy or sell anything, then one very important partner is your supplier. One way to ensure continuing strong relationships with that critical contact is with supplier awards.

The relationship with your supplier is important, and worth celebrating with the likes of wall plaques and glass trophies therefore, because they are the ones that provide you with either the raw materials, or the products that you then sell on. If you have a poor relationship with them, this could affect your business in a number of ways. Relationship breakdown can lead to poor quality, late deliveries, missed deliveries, or worst case scenario, could lead to you needing to find a new supplier altogether. This is a far from ideal situation for any company. A good relationship with your supplier starts with clear communication. This must include both parties knowing exactly what is expected for the relationship to work. However, just as your staff need to feel appreciated and needed, so to do your partner businesses. Inviting them to take part in awards ceremonies or dinners will show that you value their role in your ongoing success. But if you really want them to feel a valued part of the team, then celebrate their input by presenting them with a special award. This could be a crystal long service award if they have been with you a number of years; or if they are new, then a plaque to welcome them could help get the relationship off on the right foot.

If you are looking for the perfect supplier awards to maintain strong relationships with your partner businesses, then look no further than EC Awards. Our range of awards and plaques can be personalised to include the company logo, and a short message. View our range at today.