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Years Of Service Awards To Encourage Company Loyalty

You spend a fortune on recruiting and training new staff, only to see them being poached by your rivals. Finding a way to stop this from happening is essential to the health of your business. Years of service awards, such as trophies for instance, are just one way to achieve this.

There are a number of ways to encourage company loyalty, some of which work better than others - and cost less as well. One of the key ways is with unique and individualised awards and trophies for attaining goals, showing excellence and of course for periods of long service. Staff need to feel valued and appreciated on a regular basis. The vast majority of individuals react positively to rewards such as glass and crystal engraved awards for jobs that are done well. This could be anything from reducing their sick time to meeting sales targets and the length of time they have stayed with the company. A long service award, such as an engraved wall plaque, when used effectively can make a real difference, and not just to the individual who receives it. When other staff members see that staying for the long term has its rewards, they are more likely to think twice about leaving. It also benefits you as a company when introducing new staff to the environment. If they can see clearly that people are happy to work for you over a period of years, it sends a positive message to them about your company and its treatment of its employees.

To really benefit from investing in years of service awards, you need to ensure that you only buy the best. This is exactly what you get from EC Awards. We have built our company’s reputation on the excellence of our team and quality of our products. See for yourself by visiting today, or call the team on 020 8722 0253.