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Years Of Service Plaque - Choosing The Right One

Choosing the right years of service plaque is essential if it is to convey the right meaning and level of gratitude. If you get this wrong, you could end up insulting the individual you are trying to praise, and risk demotivating the rest of your employees. Read on for some of the considerations that go into choosing the right plaque.

One of the first considerations when it comes to purchasing awards is whether they will be taken home by the persons receiving them or kept in the workplace. If they are being kept in the workplace, you might want to consider a more uniform appearance in the plaques. For instance, you may choose to have awards given for a year’s service in one design, and then a second design for those who reach five years’ service. If you are going for this approach, you need to purchase from a reputable company that will be able to reproduce the design perfectly for you. Materials are another important consideration. You want to ensure that the long service award is properly made and from quality materials. If it looks cheap, it degrades the meaning behind it. Glass, brass and wood, or wood effect are popular choices. Plastics can work well, but only if they are crafted with particular care. Size and orientation also need to be taken into consideration. You want something that is large enough to see, but not so big that one plaque takes up the whole of your display area. Whether you go for portrait or landscape will depend on the size and shape of the company logo, and on the amount of writing you want on the plaque.

For excellent choice and top quality craftsmanship, EC Awards is the perfect choice. We can create the ideal years of service plaque for you, no matter what your requirements. If you want something bespoke, then contact the team by sending an email message to or visit to see our full range of designs.