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Corporate Awards Become More Colourful!!

Colour-Printed-AwardGlass and Crystal Awards are becoming increasingly important for recognising individual and team performances in the corporate world. The recipients get to enjoy their moment in the limelight, but also have a permanent reminder of the success they achieved.

As corporate awards have grown in popularity, the number of awards on offer is increasing and the styles are becoming ever more diverse. At EC Awards we have noticed a sharp increase in the demand for awards that can be colour printed. Printing crystal and glass awards poses quite a few problems, but as with all printing methods, the latest technology is improving the efficiency and the results we can achieve.

EC Awards first introduced colour printed awards into our range 2 years ago and from a standing start sales of these items have grown to represent 35% of our total award sales. The reasons for this are that companies like to have their corporate colours depicted on the awards and also many people like the contrast of colour against crystal. This doesn’t mean that the traditional methods of branding awards by sandblasting and laser engraving are over, far from it. There’s a very ‘classic’ look to an award that has the frosted text and logo. Some customers strike the balance by incorporating both methods of branding their awards.

In 2015 EC Awards will extend the number of colour printed awards to around 25% of our total range. We’re also introducing more lines that will have coloured glass to contrast against the clear crystal. We’re looking forward to keeping our printers busy!!