Financial Tombstones & Deal Toys

Financial and Deal Tombstones

Financial and Deal Tombstones are the perfect way to recognise the completion of a project or deal. From celebrating an acquisition or merger, to commemorating a business deal, producing a Financial Tombstone will ensure this success has a lasting impact.

Acrylic & Glass Deal Tombstones

Here at EC Awards, we offer a range of different Financial Tombstones including Glass Deal Tombstones and Acrylic Deal Tombstones which will be customised specifically to your requirements. Whether you opt for glass or acrylic, all our tombstones can be enhanced and embellished to suit the achievement you’re celebrating – you could even opt to feature a 3D model object on top of the award! The choice is yours!

Free Design Service on our financial Tombstones

We offer a free, full-design service, so whether you already know what you want your Financial Tombstone to look like, or starting from scratch, we’re here to help. Whatever your budget and style preference, we will have the deal tombstone from you: from opulent, weighty glass deal tombstones, to vivid colour printed acrylic financial tombstones in almost any shape, order with us today!

Personalised Deal Tombstones

Please get inspired with some examples of personalised Financial Tombstones below. We have no minimum order requirements and usually take 1-2 weeks for delivery, but for those in urgent need of a quick Deal Tombstone, there are some designs we can turn around in 2-3 days. For an extra information, or to order your Financial or Deal Tombstones, please get in touch with us.

Examples of our Financial Tombstones

Designing your Financial Tombstone

what are deal tombstones for?

Financial tombstones serve as enduring commemorations of achievements, such as mergers, or acquisitions, or capital market transactions. They usually have the names of involved businesses and what the deal was on them. They serve to symbolise the success of the transaction, so it is remembered.

How We Create Your Custom Deal Tombstone

Regarding the content on the tombstones, there are a number of different ways these can be designed. Designs range from the very basic with a printed text on the surface and perhaps a logo – to the more complex styles such as a metal model, liquid / oil / powder glass droplets, computer chips, financial certificates or artwork. Most of our tombstones we create will feature the details of the deal and the logos of the organisations involved in it. These details are often printed on the front and/or back of the blocks or sometimes within. Another Deal Tombstone commonly created includes an item, card or printed film encapsulated inside the acrylic block. These are often referred to as Acrylic Encapsulations. A Deal Toy is where a model an item can be attached to the Deal Tombstone.

With a wealth of experience under our belts, EC Awards can be trusted to create the perfect award, whatever the achievement. All Financial Tombstone awards are custom made, so if you’re looking for something a little different, please get inspired by some example awards in our custom awards page.

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