Jade Glass Awards

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Jade Glass Awards

Glass awards can look simply stunning. Our range of jade glass awards have that extra special touch of class however. They are affordable, well-made and can be personalised as well to provide awards that are unique to your business needs.

Engraved Jade Glass Awards

We have a collection featuring more than 120 different glass award trophies that would suit a variety of occasions. Each award has a crystal-clear finish and the subtle effect of the jade glass can easily be appreciated. Some of our glass awards also feature other colours and some have a wooden base or stand to complete the look. Others are freestanding; the nature of the specific award you order will be indicated on each item page.

The range of sizes and thicknesses of our engraved glass awards means you can find just what you need to mark the occasion you have in mind. You can choose an award and have it engraved to reward those who made the highest volume of sales in the last year. You can invest in one to reward your Employee of the Year. Recognise the hard work put in by your top sales team. From work-based awards to those offered in a light-hearted way for out-of-work sporting events, our jade awards will fit the bill in every case.

Our ordering process makes light work of placing an order for one award or many. Every award is personalised to the highest standard. It couldn’t be simpler to order bespoke awards in bulk either. You can always call us if you have a particularly-large order you wish to seek advice about.

Jade glass has an extra special look and appeal. It makes the ideal material for bespoke awards of all kinds. Place your order today and you will be taking delivery of your awards very soon indeed.