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Our acrylic deal tombstones offer up the perfect way to commemorate the completion of a project or a deal. From celebrating an acquisition or merger, to saying thank you to everyone involved in a business deal, producing a deal tombstone will ensure that the important milestone is remembered for many years to follow.Producing a deal tombstone in acrylic is a popular choice amongst our clients. Durable and easily moulded into complex shapes, style-wise, almost everything is possible. There is even the option to have details or objects encapsulated inside the acrylic deal tombstone! And as an added bonus, the material does not shatter or chip easily, meaning it will stand the test of time. Acrylic also works fantastically when colour printed, with a much brighter and vivid end result than with the use of other materials. Acrylic is not only one of the more affordable options when deciding what material to opt for with your new financial tombstone, but design options are seemingly unlimited. We offer a free design service here at EC Awards: so whether you know what you are looking to create, or want some help and guidance at the get-go, we are here to help.Check out some of our acrylic deal tombstones for inspiration below. We have no minimum order requirements and have some options to receive the deal tombstones in as little as 3 working days.

The Production Process

How We Work

Financial Tombstones are often manufactured by cutting sheet acrylic to size, sanding is generally required, then polished by hand before the digital print is applied to either the front or back. Shapes can also be cut to size using a laser for intricate pieces and are to a maximum of 30mm in thickness, these are generally clear but, some colours are available. Depending on what is required for the tombstone the acrylic can be manufactured using the raw materials, which are mixed into a gel and poured into moulds. During this process items are also embedded into the gelled raw materials. The moulded items then go through a curing process with heat and in a high-pressure vessel, during this curing any bubbles are extracted. The acrylic is then cut to size, sanded and polished, if required digital print can also be applied to the surface.

Embedding is a very popular process, where an item/s are suspended within the acrylic, this is used to display objects. Acrylic is very versatile as it can be moulded into various sizes, shapes and colours dependant on designs. Tests on embedding items are carried out with a sample given to client for confirmation before processing the order. Other materials for example wood and metal can also be incorporated into the design alongside the acrylic tombstone.
Digital printing is very versatile and can be on the surface of the acrylic or embedded, this can be matched as required for example in corporate colours. Printing can be text only or full coverage from edge to edge. The embedded print can appear as though the text is floating or on card for example a financial certificate.

Acrylic prices are very versatile compared to other products for example: crystal, stone, wood, metal, glass etc. Prices vary depending on the complexity of the tombstone and size.

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