Glass Deal Tombstones

A Vaulable & Meaningful Award

Recognise the completion of a project or deal by opting for a glass deal tombstone to make sure the successes are remembered and celebrated for many years to come.Getting a financial tombstone made from glass will always be the gold standard when celebrating exceptional deals or milestones for a company. The heavy weight of the glass guarantees the recipient feels like the award is valuable, meaningful and that the success has been recognised. Another benefit of using glass is that the surface is tough and it is much less susceptible to scratches or imperfections than other materials, such as acrylic, meaning it will look neat and fresher for many years to come.Glass awards can be enhanced and embellished in many ways – we can paint them, engrave, and paint fill, 3D engrave inside or colour print. We can add colour fused glass for logo details, and we can even add colour inside by layering colour printed glass panels! The choice is yours. And moreover, here at EC Awards, we offer a free, full-design service, so whether you already know what you want your Glass Deal Tombstone to look like, or if you need any advice, we’re here to help. Check out some of our glass deal tombstones for inspiration below. We have no minimum order requirements and usually take 1-2 weeks for delivery, but might be able to get them sooner in some exceptional circumstances, so please always ask.For any additional information, or to order your Glass Deal Tombstones, please get in touch with us.

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