Award Prediction 2024

Looking ahead to the year 2024, here at EC Awards, we believe the next few years will see some significant changes. With sustainability becoming more of a focus and bespoke creations increasing further in popularity. But at EC Awards, we’re not just forecasting these shifts; we are proud to be leading the way in sustainability and eco-friendly materials and methods. 


Here at EC Awards, we know that sustainability and eco practices are becoming more and more important to customers, and we feel exactly the same way. That is why we are collaborating closely with our suppliers to explore and uncover sustainable materials which can be used for awards. Among our exciting ventures are awards crafted from Recycled Bottletops and Repurposed TetraPak cartons. Prototypes are in progress, and we’re trying to find the most effective way to use them. Watch this space!

Awards Made From Eco-Friendly Materials

In recent years, the range of materials available for eco awards has expanded significantly and we’ve seen a huge increase in customers opting for them, reflecting a growing preference for greener choices. At EC Awards, our eco-range already encompasses premium wood, sustainable bamboo, recycled acrylic, and our latest addition: recycled glass – with more to follow in 2024. The diversity in sizes, shapes, colours, and materials within our eco awards collection ensures there’s a perfect fit for every occasion.

Custom Awards

Custom-made awards mean you can design the size, material, and shape exactly to your requirements and this continues to get more popular to celebrate special achievements.  

More Internal Business Awards

In the current financial climate, we have begun to notice that companies are redoubling efforts to retain talent through internal company awards, Awards such as acknowledging long service or outstanding performers, are becoming increasingly prevalent.

The Resurgence of Live Award Ceremonies

After the pause enforced by the pandemic, there’s a tangible revival in live events. As events regain momentum, the demand for awards is surging, marking a return to pre-pandemic levels.

Glass Awards

Glass awards stand as the epitome of recognition, revered for their elegance and prestige. This timeless trend is set to endure well into 2024.

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