Spotlight on Our Work

From classic glass and crystal awards to bespoke materials and colours, EC Awards has been a pioneer in the art of creating awards since 1976. Our commitment to excellence, craftsmanship, and attention to detail has made us a trusted partner for those seeking distinctive awards for various achievements. Read on as we delve into the making of some of our standout awards.

Large Metal Sideman Cup & Medals

One of our most impactful projects was the creation of custom medals and a cup for a charity football event. The client’s vision was clear – they wanted medals shaped like their logo, designed to be prominent on social media, and sturdy without sharp edges. 

Crafted from 3mm steel and sized at an impressive 110 x 74mm, the medals were durable without being too weighty. 

To complement the grandeur of the medals, we sourced a striking stock cup from an Italian cup manufacturer. Standing tall at 74cm and weighing a solid 6kg, the cup was a perfect match for the occasion. Its imposing presence made a statement not only on the field, where 60,000 pairs of eyes witnessed the event, but also across social media platforms, amplifying the impact of the charitable cause.

British Quality Food Glass Award

British Quality Food Glass Award

The British Quality Food Glass Award stands as a testament to the beauty of simplicity. Crafted from stock jade glass, this award showcased the elegance that can be achieved through a less complicated design. 

Impactful and weighty, it has a simple engraving to the front of the award.

Beauty Awards London 2023

For the Beauty Awards London 2023, our challenge was to create awards that allowed for full coverage print. We provided a range of options, narrowed down to two, and supplied example proofs for each. Working closely with the client, they chose the design that best represented their brand. We delivered the full set a week in advance of the event.

The feedback was extremely positive, and the awards were loved by all.

Ferrari Award

When Ferrari approached us with a brief and CAD for a custom award, we collaborated with our partners at Glasso to develop three concepts for review.

Ferrari selected their favourite, and we then followed a series of amendments to make it absolutely perfect and precisely what they envisioned.

This process took four months from the initial inquiry to delivery, resulting in an award that met and exceeded their expectations. We think you can all agree that it is really unique and impactful!

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