Custom Medals: An Affordable Way To Create Something Unique!

At EC Awards, we’re all about celebrating the good stuff. Whether it’s a job well done, an incentive team building win or a special moment at for a company, we get it – these achievements deserve recognition. That’s where our custom medals come in, offering a perfect balance of good quality craftsmanship and affordable prices. Medals promote a sense of shared success, making them an excellent solution for team awards and something cherished by all.

Bespoke Design For You

At EC Awards, we are masters of customisation, and our custom medals are no exception. We offer a wide range of options to ensure that your medals are a true reflection of your company’s values and aesthetics. From choosing the size and finish to deciding on texture, thickness, and shape – it’s all up to you.

Affordable Recognition

Our custom medals are truly affordable. To give you a flavour: the cost of a 50mm steel-cut medal, complete with flat colour printing and a 20mm ribbon, works out at just £1.99 each. 

Quality You Can Trust

Here at EC Awards, we take a lot of pride in the quality of our work. Whether you’re honouring your hardworking team, or marking a special occasion, our custom medals guarantee that your achievements are celebrated in style without breaking the bank. And what’s better? They will be totally custom to you and your corporation.

Ready to get started? Email us at: or call us on 020 8722 0253 today!

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