The go to guide for Awards in 2018

The go to guide for Awards in 2018

Welcome to the latest installment to the EC Awards Blog, over the next 4 weeks we’ll be providing you with a one stop shop for anything you need to know for Awards in 2018. The team will be looking at the various different materials we have on offer from Glass to Wood, Acrylic to Metal, we’ll talk you through how each of the respective materials can be branded, timescales that each take to produce and also any bespoke options that are feasible. There may be the odd expert insight from our production team, along with a few photos of stages through manufacture and also the finished products. To round off the series, we will rank the top 5 awards as voted for by the EC Awards Team in 2018.

So, settle down, get yourself a cuppa and get ready to become an expert in 5 short blogs!

Acrylic / Lucites / Tombstones / Deal Gifts – the lowdown on the most versatile material in the business.

Right, time for the first installment, we see so many different awards on a day to day basis here in the office, trends have come and gone, we’ll never forget the kaleidoscope ‘electric’ column awards from the mid 90’s!, but one alternative to traditional awards has stood the test of time, and that’s right where we are going to start today. Acrylic Blocks, Lucites, Tombstones, Deal Gifts, all mean one thing, a great looking award, and generally a more economical cost to a glass alternative. These first became popular in 1980’s when large financial institutions wanted to celebrate landmark deals and create something for each of the team members to place on their desk, this is still very much a tradition in many of the household names we know and as time has passed, they have become more and more creative (with a little help from us of course!).

Encapsulation is one way to truly stand out from the crown and whilst this often has a longer lead time, the finished article really will wow your recipients. From circuit boards to engine parts, peanuts to oil, we have done it all, and we are always happy to give something a go.

Of course, these great awards don’t stay a secret for long and with the costs of bespoke glass and alternatives often being at the higher end of many budgets, we have seen a real increase in companies placing orders for Long Service, Employee Rewards and also Corporate Events. The bottom line being, our clients are able to get fantastic looking awards with either a print or etching in vibrant colours, which are on brand due to our pantone matching technology, at a vastly reduced cost comparatively, all within a short space of time (usually around 7 days dependent on complexity and quantity).

So, if you fancy a change this year but may be limited on budget, why not give Acrylic a go. Make sure you come back next week, where we will be telling you more about our Wood Awards range. For now, I will leave you with some examples of recent projects we have completed.








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