The Awards Industry Post Covid

The Awards Industry: Post Covid

What EC Awards are doing

There is no hiding from the fact the last 20 months has been some of the most challenging times we have had across the globe in modern times. The COVID-19 pandemic put a lot of the world on hold, and this has had an impact on most industries in one way or another. With factories closing their doors for prolonged periods, borders almost fully cut off from country to country, companies having to take the horrible decision to shut down as their cash flow dwindled, not to mention the lack of skills being taught to train new employees, the impact on the pandemic was extremely hard hitting, and we’re not quite over the wrath of it yet.

Within the awards industry, although not the worst hit sector by any stretch, with face-to-face awards ceremonies cancelled globally, we did not get off totally scotch free. With strong relationships with all our partners across the globe and the first to hear of any news, we thought it wise to summarise some of the future challenges EC Awards might face

Shall we order in advance?

Whilst it is great news for us that face-to-face awards ceremonies have picked up dramatically recently, it has meant that there has been a sharp increase in demand for awards. Before the pandemic the impact of this would have been more manageable, but a few things have happened to mean that the stock levels are struggling globally to meet requirements for those in need of awards quickly. As to not bore you with the nitty gritty, put simply, the of the all too familiar current lorry crisis, various border closures, and the closure of many companies has meant things could take longer. To ensure all our clients receive their awards on time, here at EC Awards, we’re going above and beyond working with suppliers across all nations to make miracles happen! But if we could beg a favour at this time, we would you to give us as much notice as you can.

Will Prices Increase?

The simple answer is: we hope not. Across the industry, backlogs of shipping containers and increased demand has meant that award prices are increasing. Here at EC Awards, we are committed to doing all we can to avoid having to follow the industry trends and put prices up. We have been working closely with our suppliers to fix prices and delay any increases for as long as possible.  

Being the number one online supplier for corporate awards within the UK, here at EC Awards, we’re at an advantage. We’re the first to hear of any news. Our wide network of suppliers across many different nations mean we are not bound to shipping from any one country and with our strong relationships built up over the years, we have been able to avoid large cost increases.

During these more challenging times, it’s wise to choose a company such as EC Awards with its experience within the industry starting in 1976. Get in touch for any further information.

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