Tips on picking awards

Tips on picking awards

The Ultimate guide!

Got an awards ceremony planned in, and now challenged with the daunting task of deciding what awards to hand out to the prize winners? Having worked with businesses since the 1970s, you’re in the right place; we know everything there is to know about awards and trophies!

From what colour, size, and style of award you are after, to your budget and how quickly you need the awards – there are many factors to consider when buying awards. Recognising values and personality of your brand must be factored into your decision, as well as the expectancy of the recipients and the stature of the ceremony.   

We’re always here to help offer up any advice regarding how to pick the perfect award, so please feel free to call us on 020 8722 0253 or email us at Below we’ve outlined the most important things to consider.


Wood, metal, glass and acrylic awards all have their advantages, and so there isn’t one material which we’d always recommend. The most well-known and recognisable is the glass award – heavy, traditional and fits the bill for most corporate awards ceremonies.

Surprising for some, the most popular in recent times is the acrylic award. It both looks great and is generally a more economical cost to a glass alternative, not forgetting to mention how versatile it is.

Our wood awards are flying off the shelves – perfect for those looking for something a little different and aligned with any company promoting sustainability as we deal only with businesses that hold full FSC certification. Metal awards also have their merits with their ability to be cut into spectacular bespoke shapes and given they are metal, they their look and feel is high quality.

Consider a custom award

With a custom award, the options are unlimited: our bespoke awards mean you can design the colour, materials and size exacting to your requirements. Fortunately, a bespoke award does not always have to be a costly option; there are plenty of options, whatever your budget. Make your next event awards extra special with custom awards. Find out more.


Awards ceremony being arranged for next week, and no awards yet? No problem – here at EC Awards, we have a range of Express Delivery Awards which will take just 3 working days to arrive. From colour printed block and crystal awards, to flame and round jade glass awards, these are some of our most popular designs. Take a look. Also feel free to call us, as we will always go above and beyond  


With awards ranging from under £15, to over £150, we have an award to suit all events. Scroll through our awards by price.

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