Appreciate Your Employees With a Long Service Award

Long Service Awards

Showing gratitude and appreciation to your employees

A long service award is when an employee is given an award as a gesture, to thank them for their service to the business for a certain length of time. They offer a symbol of the gratitude by an employer. An award to show the employee that they are a valued member of the company, and their dedication has not gone unrecognised. And ultimately, by organisations letting their employees know that they are appreciated, the aim is that it will hopefully encourage employees to stay within this business for longer.

Long Service Award

Here at EC Awards, we have noticed that “long-service awards” as we knew them have been reinvented and rejuvenated in recent years. With the average employee now working at an organisation for significantly less time, it is more important than ever to recognise and reward those employees who have showed commitment and longevity at a business. Traditionally, these awards tended to be given at the 10-year mark (or even sometimes starting at 25-years), which in current times, left very few workers receiving any recognition for their time at a business. And so, the “long service” award has been adapting – and we’re seeing more 3-year and 5-year awards being ordered.

There are many different types of awards which you can give employees – from the standard, popular acrylic circle award and crystal block paperweights, to large crystal bowls on wooden bases and colour-printed glass awards.

Take a look below at some of our long-service awards which we offer here at EC Awards. Any questions, or to place an order, get in touch by phoning 020 8722 0253 or emailing

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