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Which Financial Tombstone to buy?

Picking Out Your Perfect Financial Tombstone

What is a financial or deal tombstone?

A financial or deal tombstone is the name for an award which is created to honour a business deal, merger, or acquisition. The very nature of the trophy being a physical item will ensure that these successes will be remembered and will have a lasting impact.

What types can you get?

Here at EC Awards, we have a range of different deal and financial tombstones to pick from. All our tombstones are custom-made, meaning the messaging and style will always be personalised to the organisation buying the award. We offer a range of different materials of financial tombstones, from glass, crystal, and stone, to metal, wood and acrylic – and use the very latest techniques to design and tailor-make these trophies. Traditionally, deal tombstones are made of a single or double sided printed card encapsulated in a block of clear acrylic. The solid glass awards are a popular choice right now – looking extremely grand and of great weight, they reflect success. For more complicated designs, we often recommend acrylic as the material is extremely versatile so more complex shapes can be easily achieved, and as a bonus, the price tag tends to be lower too.

You have the option of what information you want on the award – whether that be a logo in full colour, or perhaps you require some intricate engraving. There is also the option to get a deal toy made which is a physical model which comes attached to the award, making the whole thing more unique in nature.

We offer a full design service as standard – so whether you already have a design in mind, or you’re starting from scratch, EC Awards will be here to help. We look forward to hearing from you.

Want to get started today? Get in touch with us by calling 020 8722 0253 or emailing sales@ecwards.co.uk.