Different Styles of Corporate Awards Available

Corporate Awards

Whether you are hosting an awards ceremony or you are thinking about surprising an employee for their hard work, you will need to find a supplier specialising in corporate awards and choose from all of the options that are available. This can be easier said than done, as there are many awards for sale. Below, we help you narrow down your search by revealing the different types of awards that are available and what they are suitable for.

  • Wall plaques – Let’s begin with wall plaques, which have long been a popular choice of award. Wall plaques are designed so that they can be proudly placed in the person’s office or on the wall by their desk. In most cases, these awards are given to people when you want to recognise their outstanding contribution to the business. They are good for lifetime achievement style awards, as the individual can keep them on display in their place of work for years and years to come.

  • Glass and crystal awards – Next we have glass and crystal awards, which undoubtedly have a lavish and elegant touch to them. These awards are great for award shows. Whether you are hosting a local business award show for companies in the local area, or you are awarding employees within your business, a uniquely shaped crystal or glass award will do just the trick.

  • Figure awards – Have you ever seen the awards given at the Brit Awards? They are figurine style trophies. You can find awards similar to this available online. They also work well for award ceremonies, adding some personality to the trophy presentation. Moreover, these awards are great if your company has been involved in any extra activities, such as charity runs, and you want to award the winners.

  • Acrylic awards – Finally, we have acrylic awards, which are available in many different shapes, colours, and designs. These corporate awards can sit pride and place on the desk, and they are particularly beneficial when you want to incorporate your business’s branding.

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