Ordering Custom Awards

Ordering Custom Awards

If you want to make your next award extra special, there’s no denying that getting an award created bespoke to all your requirements will do the trick. The options are unlimited: our custom-made awards mean you can design the size, material, and shape exactly to your requirements. From wood or metal to glass and acrylic, we have the experience to create awards using a whole range of different products.

Interested IN ORDERING A CUSTOM AWARD? Here’s our handy guide to how to get started:

Quantity of Awards

Here at EC Awards, we do not have minimum or maximum order requirements, so whether you want to get 1 made, or 500 for a large-scale event, we can do this. It is important to let us know when you get in touch with your initial enquiry as we will be able to make recommendations and propose realistic timelines based on the number you need.


Have a specific material in mind which you want to create your award with? Whether it is glass, acrylic, or metal, it is always good to know at the start of any design conversation, as some materials can be shaped in ways that others can’t. With our experience over the last 45 years, we can guarantee we know what will and will not work!


Awards can range in size significantly. Whether you want a medal, small pocked-sized award or something of grandeur that has some real height and weight to it, here at EC Awards, we can make this happen. It’s important to know up front what you envisage as our proposed designs will be governed by how big you want these awards to be.


We’ve got some options which we can deliver in around 3 working days, but if you have more time on your hands, the type of custom awards which we can produce are far broader. So, we need to know as soon as you know, when you’ll need these awards, and we’ll make sure they’re with you in good time.


Creating a bespoke award does not automatically mean an expensive award; we have plenty of awards suitable to all ranges of budgets. Before we get started with the design, having a budget in mind is really important so we can custom build your award with it in mind and use the materials and methods to fit within your means.

Please feel free to get in touch with us to find out more or place an order by emailing sales@ecawards.co.uk or phoning 020 8722 0253.

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