Street Food in Britain – Why is it the new craze?

We recently produced an award for the British Street Food Awards, which you may have seen on Sunday Brunch, it’s a cracking award may I add, do take a look below!

Acrylic Award

But I must say it really got me thinking… It’s now become the British way of eating.  It’s been all over the world for years but street food is taking over as the new way to eat for lunch and for dinner in the UK.  It seems that gone are the days where we desired a foam of this or a consume of that, but instead a candied bacon burger with peanut butter and chilli cheese is now what the people of London prefer to chow down on.

And I for one think it’s a great way of eating, so I’m going to let you in to some of the spots you simply have to try, and also where you can calm your street food cravings!


Anyway, let’s get to it. I couldn’t talk about street food in London without mentioning the world famous Ribman.  He roasts his Ribs for hours on end to produce some of the most, if not the most, tender ribmeat in London.  He shoves handfuls of it in a soft bap and tops the lot off with his ‘Holy F*ck’ hot sauce, so good he even sells batches of it online!

The important thing here is how to make it street food, carrying rib racks around would be awkward, but he’s improvised to meet the market head on, for those who want to eat quickly on the go, and he’s certainly reaping the rewards.  Catch Mark on his stall at Brick Lane every Sunday until sell out.  Warning: It won’t be much past 1pm!

Everyone loves a burger, and no moreso than a burger from the gut busting Bleecker St. This rapidly growing burger joint serves up beautifully cooked burgers with a range of top quality toppings. The bacon is thick and meaty, the cheesy is melty and smoky and the Bleecker Black Burger? Just go and take a look for yourself, not a fan of black pudding in a burger? I promise you will be.

Bleecker Sreet Burger

But if you thought the burgers were good, the accompliments come very close.  I urge you to try the angry fries.  Fries, blue cheese, hot sauce… you get the gist, incredible.  Just loosen your belt and call it a cheat day!  Hit them up at Old Spitalfieds or on the Southbank, or various other pop ups.

Have you ever been in Mexico and wished you were in Korea, or ever been in Korea and wished you were partying over in Mexico?  I mean everyone has thought that….Right? Well not to worry, you can now save thousands of pounds on flights and head to Kimchinnary.  Korean inspired fillings inside a Mexican inspired wrap. You won’t believe it until you try it.  Highly recommended is the Slow-Braised Bulgogi Ox Cheek Burrito, stunning.  You can see why they have won so many awards!  Find them at the Kerb markets all over London, Dalston Market, Street feast and Dinerama LDN.

Kimchinnary Wrap

I couldn’t wrap up my suggestions without pudding.  The obvious choice for me was Bread Ahead in Borough Market.  It sells doughnuts, absolutely mind boggling, heart-warming, spine tingling doughnuts. Salted Caramel and honeycomb, chocolate cream, vanilla cream, I’ve had them all, in the same day in fact, in the same hour in fact!  But seriously, they are that good.  Not just the quality of the dough, which feels like a light pillowy cloud of goodness. But the man with the filling bag must be generous at Christmas, as the doughnuts are almost bursting!  Find them at Borough Market every day apart from Sunday!

Bread Ahead Doughnuts

Well, that’s my best picks. But I’d love to hear your suggestions as I’m always keen to explore the street food world even further.

As always, if you liked the acrylic award we did for the British Street Food Awards and are looking for something yourself, you know where to head!

Until next time!

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