Improve Staff Morale With A Glass Trophy For Something Different

Glass Trophy

Staff morale is important to the success of your business. If your employees feel valued, and happy in their roles, they are more likely to be focused and productive. If morale is low, then productivity can be negatively affected, and in turn so can profits. Of course, there are numerous ways that you can improve staff morale, from providing a positive environment to showing you value their input with a glass trophy.

But, how do you decide what glass awards to give out, and who should receive them? Firstly, it is important to be fair, and ensure that everyone has a fair chance of winning a glass trophy. Of course, this does not mean giving everyone an award. If they are too easy to win, then there is no competition, and therefore no reason to improve skills, timekeeping, sales or their general approach to their work. Once you have decided on the categories you are going to offer awards for, you should ensure that they are widely promoted so that all team members are aware of them. Try to provide a wide variety of categories. You might consider common categories for glass trophies UK wide such as long service, most improved sales, most increased client base or most improved productivity. All these categories are easily recognised areas where improvements can be made, and friendly competition between employees can be encouraged. But, what do you do if your business model doesn’t fit these categories, or you have members of staff whose contributions to your business doesn’t easily fit into one of these categories?

This is where you need to think outside the box and match the award categories you offer to the employees you have, and the benefits they bring to your business. Do you have a member of staff whose simple presence in the building lifts the mood of others and improves the working environment? Then, why not award them with one of the glass awards UK wide for excellence in humour and entertainment. If you have an employee that sees things differently to others and offers solutions that no one else has considered, then give them an award for best ‘outside the box thinker’. What about the employee that looks after the health and wellbeing of others, whether it is part of the job title or not. Maybe that they do something as simple as bringing fresh fruit into the office, or encouraging people to take short breaks from their screens, stretching and walking. Why not recognise this by using one of the glass award plaques as a healthy living promoter award. What about your team member who is always thinking of others and organising social events to raise money for good causes? While on the surface this isn’t directly linked to your business, it does promote your business and staff as a caring team, and help with team cohesion. Why not reward this effort with an outstanding philanthropist award in the form of an engraved glass trophy?

The possible ways to reward your team for the many less obvious things they do to support your business and raise morale are endless. You could have a marvellous multitasker, an award for the best question asker, or a risk taker award. Whatever categories you choose, it is important that the glass trophy you choose to celebrate it with is of good quality and is carefully engraved with all the necessary details to make it an award worth winning.

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