Author: Emily Prideaux

The Power of Recognition: 5 Reasons Why Company Awards Matter

Company awards are not just about celebrating success; they are a powerful tool for keeping up motivation, creating loyalty, and for positive workplace culture in general. Here are five reasons why company awards matter: 1. Boosts Employee Morale Recognising employees for their hard work and achievements significantly boosts morale. When employees feel appreciated, they are more … Continue reading The Power of Recognition: 5 Reasons Why Company Awards Matter

Custom Medals: Our Process

At EC Awards, we can create custom medals for any event, and the process is very simple! With a swift 10-day lead time and a minimum order of 50 pieces, you can rely on EC Awards for your great quality custom medals. Plenty of customisation options: Size and Shape Metal Colour Texture and Thickness Personalised … Continue reading Custom Medals: Our Process

Ordering Awards Online: A Simple Guide

At EC Awards, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive array of awards and trophies, tailored for all corporate celebrations, available for direct online ordering. From elegant glass and crystal awards to acrylic and metal trophies, including eco-friendly options, our large catalogue ensures there’s something for every occasion. Browse Awards Online Explore our wide selection … Continue reading Ordering Awards Online: A Simple Guide

What’s New?

As we dive into 2024, we’re thrilled to roll out some fresh additions to our collection. From sleek modern designs to timeless crystal classics, our latest offerings are all about making your achievements shine brighter than ever before. But that’s not all – we’re also doubling down on our commitment to sustainability. Our Eco Awards … Continue reading What’s New?

Award Prediction 2024

Looking ahead to the year 2024, here at EC Awards, we believe the next few years will see some significant changes. With sustainability becoming more of a focus and bespoke creations increasing further in popularity. But at EC Awards, we’re not just forecasting these shifts; we are proud to be leading the way in sustainability … Continue reading Award Prediction 2024

Spotlight on Our Work

From classic glass and crystal awards to bespoke materials and colours, EC Awards has been a pioneer in the art of creating awards since 1976. Our commitment to excellence, craftsmanship, and attention to detail has made us a trusted partner for those seeking distinctive awards for various achievements. Read on as we delve into the … Continue reading Spotlight on Our Work

Elevating Milestone Celebrations with Acrylic Tombstones

At EC Awards, we specialise in acrylic tombstones.  From celebrating an acquisition or merger, to saying thank you to everyone involved in a business deal, producing a deal tombstone will ensure that the important milestone is remembered for many years to follow. Read on to discover why we think acrylic tombstones are an excellent choice … Continue reading Elevating Milestone Celebrations with Acrylic Tombstones

Custom Medals: An Affordable Way To Create Something Unique!

At EC Awards, we’re all about celebrating the good stuff. Whether it’s a job well done, an incentive team building win or a special moment at for a company, we get it – these achievements deserve recognition. That’s where our custom medals come in, offering a perfect balance of good quality craftsmanship and affordable prices. … Continue reading Custom Medals: An Affordable Way To Create Something Unique!

Customer Success Stories

How EC Awards Makes Ordering Trophies Online The Best Option For All! Finding the perfect awards can often feel like a daunting task. But fear not! You’re in the right place. At EC Awards, we’ve mastered the art of creating fantastic awards and having really happy customers. Read on to see all our latest reviews.

Get Prepared: Start Planning For Your Corporate Awards Ceremony

With Autumn fast approaching, now is the time to draw your attention to planning ahead by gearing up for the exciting season of corporate award ceremonies! Here at EC Awards, we see this rush every year with many businesses choosing Autumn to celebrate the annual achievements of businesses; it is the time when organisations recognise … Continue reading Get Prepared: Start Planning For Your Corporate Awards Ceremony