Author: Emily Prideaux

Award Prediction 2024

Looking ahead to the year 2024, here at EC Awards, we believe the next few years will see some significant changes. With sustainability becoming more of a focus and bespoke creations increasing further in popularity. But at EC Awards, we’re not just forecasting these shifts; we are proud to be leading the way in sustainability … Continue reading Award Prediction 2024

Spotlight on Our Work

From classic glass and crystal awards to bespoke materials and colours, EC Awards has been a pioneer in the art of creating awards since 1976. Our commitment to excellence, craftsmanship, and attention to detail has made us a trusted partner for those seeking distinctive awards for various achievements. Read on as we delve into the … Continue reading Spotlight on Our Work

Elevating Milestone Celebrations with Acrylic Tombstones

At EC Awards, we specialise in acrylic tombstones.  From celebrating an acquisition or merger, to saying thank you to everyone involved in a business deal, producing a deal tombstone will ensure that the important milestone is remembered for many years to follow. Read on to discover why we think acrylic tombstones are an excellent choice … Continue reading Elevating Milestone Celebrations with Acrylic Tombstones

Custom Medals: An Affordable Way To Create Something Unique!

At EC Awards, we’re all about celebrating the good stuff. Whether it’s a job well done, an incentive team building win or a special moment at for a company, we get it – these achievements deserve recognition. That’s where our custom medals come in, offering a perfect balance of good quality craftsmanship and affordable prices. … Continue reading Custom Medals: An Affordable Way To Create Something Unique!

Get Prepared: Start Planning For Your Corporate Awards Ceremony

With Autumn fast approaching, now is the time to draw your attention to planning ahead by gearing up for the exciting season of corporate award ceremonies! Here at EC Awards, we see this rush every year with many businesses choosing Autumn to celebrate the annual achievements of businesses; it is the time when organisations recognise … Continue reading Get Prepared: Start Planning For Your Corporate Awards Ceremony

Summer of Celebration

Summer of Celebration As the summer season begins, it brings with it a renewed sense of energy and excitement. It’s a time of warmth, sunshine, and most importantly, a time to celebrate achievements. Whether your business has had a fantastic year, successfully completed a merger, or simply wants to acknowledge the exceptional performance of its … Continue reading Summer of Celebration

New Glass Awards: Celebrating Achievements in Style

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest range of glass awards. Our new collection features a variety of designs and sizes that are perfect for any event or occasion. From classic shapes to contemporary designs, our glass trophies are sure to impress. Why Glass Awards Remain Popular? Glass awards have always been … Continue reading New Glass Awards: Celebrating Achievements in Style

Award Trend Predictions: 2023

As 2022 draws to a close, here at EC Awards, we’ve come together to determine our trend predictions for 2023. With the last few years posing difficulties for many businesses up and down the UK, ensuring your staff and clients feel rewarded for their efforts has become more important than ever before.  Another external trend … Continue reading Award Trend Predictions: 2023

Introducing Our Recycled Glass Awards

Introducing our Recycled Glass Awards You’ve asked, we’ve listened! After searching for the perfect material for months, we’re absolutely thrilled to introduce you to our latest eco award collection made from recycled glass. Among the first award companies to do so in the UK! What is recycled Glass? Glass is a special material. It can … Continue reading Introducing Our Recycled Glass Awards

Ordering Custom Awards

Ordering Custom Awards If you want to make your next award extra special, there’s no denying that getting an award created bespoke to all your requirements will do the trick. The options are unlimited: our custom-made awards mean you can design the size, material, and shape exactly to your requirements. From wood or metal to … Continue reading Ordering Custom Awards