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Glass Awards: Think About Buying Them Today

Glass awards are a perfect way to show your team how much their work is appreciated. And whether they’re part of a small local company or an international business, every employee needs to feel valued. So instead of just giving your employees a round of applause at the next work do, why not make it a little more special? Handing over a glass trophy makes your employees feel appreciated and even more valued. And in a world where working relationships are key, here’s more reasons why plaques, awards and trophies should be the next purchase you make.

Why A Glass Trophy Will Boost Morale

Keeping employees happy is a hard task, especially in the often hectic and frantic world of work. But did you know that a quarter of the UK workforce are unhappy with their work and are actively looking for a new job? Research undertaken by employment specialists also found out that 36% of workers do not feel appreciated in their job. That’s a little over a third. When the researchers looking further into their sample pool, they also found out that 37% felt that encouragement or praise would make them a lot happier in the office. It’s not rocket science – but it definitely makes sense. After all, a little goes a long way. According to the research, 67% of companies do not have visible or formal appreciation scheme. This could be something as simple as a ‘Worker of the Week’ scheme or an annual prize-giving ceremony. This is where glass or crystal awards come in. A trophy is a hugely sentimental thing, and they’re usually kept on the mantelpiece for years to come. Being awarded something as special and important as a trophy is a simple way to let your employees know that they’re valued. It shows that you honestly and earnestly appreciate them and their hard-working nature. Awards can be made very simply and come in custom models of your choosing. On top of that, they’re cost-effective too when sourced carefully. Why settle for a round of applause when a glass or crystal glass awards can be given out instead? It really will make a huge difference to both the working atmosphere and team morale.

Consider Buying Engraved Glass Awards For An Extra Added Touch

So now that you understand why employee encouragement is necessary, it’s time to think about the range of trophies you can buy. The wonderful thing is that you really are spoiled for choice. Awards come in a unique range of shapes and styles. For instance, there are awards that come in octagons, rectangles, some even with peaks and or shaped like sails. All of this means that you can choose something that is representative of your industry if you want to. But what makes awards even more special is the engraving you choose to put on them. The winner of the prize – no matter if it’s for someone in a junior role, or an executive position – can have their name proudly displayed on the engraved glass awards, and alongside the category in which they’ve succeeded. Like “marketing” or “innovation” for example. Your company or brand logo can also be engraved on the glass engraved awards creating an additional marketing tool, as well as a priceless award. The beauty of these kinds of awards is that they’re completely customisable to your specification. No matter how you want it to look or what you want it to say, a professional awards company can deliver. But where can you find a quality company to buy glass and crystal awards from – and at a reasonable price too? EC Awards is a premium online retailer of unique and bespoke glass awards of all kinds. If you wanted something really special, check out their ‘Emerald Flame’ and ‘Crystal Obelisk’ awards – or ask them if they can create a design especially for you.

Find A Whole Range Of Glass Awards With EC Awards

We’re EC Awards, an online site dedicated to creating impressive and stylish awards for whatever the occasion. From crystal and glass awards, to colour printed and bespoke plaques, we have a huge online range that can be delivered straight to your door. We even offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can order worry free. Why not browse our varied, wide collection and see if anything takes your fancy? Simply visit our website at to see what we have on offer. If you’re looking for something a little more particular, email us at and we’ll respond as soon as possible. Never before has it been so easy to purchase a beautiful glass trophy for your employees.